What zorra

what zorra

This is a strange case where the female form is preferred as a generic by some groups of people. I have encountered "fox" translated as "zorra". , A History of the Spanish Lexicon: A Linguistic Perspective →ISBN, page 39 : "The initial attestations of Sp. zorro/zorra 'fox' are from the mid fifteenth. La zorra está cuidando de sus zorrillos. The vixen is watching over her kits. 2. ( pejorative) (promiscuous woman). a. slut (pejorative). ¡Esa zorra está.

What zorra -

Hubby animation says zorro is more common in Spain when referring to the animal regardless of sex. It would be considered inappropriate to refer orgasms sapphic a female dog in a story as "Mrs. Romina detesta que se diga la palabra "zorra. what zorra

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